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Scientific Expression Calculator -  iPhone -  09/13/2010   ( Modified:  03/11/2011 ) The Scientific Expression Calculator on the iPhone App Store. Now at version 1.2.5, the SEc supports printing under iOS 4.2 and later. It also has many new functions that can be accessed from the scratchpad, functions not available using the calculator's keys.

This most versatile of calculators is built for the iPad. This calculator includes the standard algebraic mode, and the unusual expression mode, which allows you to input an entire equation before pressing the = button. The calculator has over three dozen mathematical functions.

The SEC also comes with a paper tape and a scratchpad. The scratchpad can be used to take notes and form equations. Equations can be solved without ever leaving the scratchpad. To learn about its many features, you can download the free PDF manual for the SEC from the SEC project page.

Power Passwords Lite -  iPhone -  11/09/2009 Version 1.0 of Power Passwords Lite is now available in the iTunes AppStore here. PP Lite is a free version of the full featured Power Passwords. The Lite version is limited by the number of passwords created per Key and descriptions stored.

New Power Passwords Version -  iPhone -  10/22/2009 Version 2.2 version of Power Passwords is now available in the iPhone App Store. This version adds support for copying all passwords and descriptions to the clipboard, as well as emailing this information anywhere you wish. To see Power Passwords in the App Store, click here.

Snow Leopard -  Do Something When -  08/30/2009 Snow Leopard is here! Just to confirm for those of you looking for information DSW version 1.2 does work on Snow Leopard.

On the development side, motivation is back and past home have been dealt with. So Pro is back on the coding front. Bad news to all of this, because the code base was started pre Leopard and now I would like to support Leopard and up I have started over to allow myself to take advantage of some of the cool Leopard features. I will not take advantage of Snow Leopard as yet, that will be a future version. But for now I have started and it is going good.

iPhone Apps

Azarhi Software now has five iPhone/iPad applications in the iTunes AppStore. Our apps include Power Passwords, Power Passwords Lite, Sensors, AltiCalc and the new Scientific Expression Calculator for the iPad. You can access all of the project pages by clicking here You can find all of our apps on the iTunes Store by searching on Azarhi.

The Scientific Expression Calculator is an advanced calculator that provides the expression mode in addition to the standard algebraic mode. It also has a scratchpad from which you can evaluate equations without going to the calculator. Click here to view the SEC on the iTunes Preview web site.

The Power Passwords page is here, to buy the application for iPhone & iPod touch go here.

For the Power Passwords Lite page click here, while to get it free go here.


DSW is going Pro!

Coding has started fresh and will be better for it!